Create an inclusive workplace culture with inChorus.

We are an impartial and confidential platform addressing bias and harassment in the workplace.

We’re not about surveys, we’re about data, insight, and action that leads to change.

Because the more inclusive and diverse your culture is, the more profitable your business will be.

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Companies are using inChorus to drive change.

We believe that a systemic change is taking place. The brightest companies of the future will be those where an inclusive culture enables everyone to bring their full, and best, self to work.

We’re helping companies shift towards that future, today, by:

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1.Supporting Employees to confidentially log issues and access professional help

2.Generating insight for companies on where bias is impacting employees the most

3.Improving culture data-driven, practical recommendations for action

What’s the problem?

The Kapor Center for Social Impact has estimated the cost of this turnover in Tech companies in Silicon Valley alone to be $16bn.*

In these non-inclusive cultures, diverse talent leaves.

We continue to work in environments where nearly 9 in 10 women experience demeaning comments from male colleagues, Where more than half of women polled have experienced some form of sexual harassment. Where 1 in 4 BAME employees have experienced stereotyping and where 24% of LGBTQ employees faced public humiliation.

Yet, this predominantly goes unreported.

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